Thursday, March 24, 2011

Today I am thankful - reconnection, out of the office and TV!

- for reconnection! The office phone is back online, as is the home internet :) I hope the Moon is now over her hissy fit and we can go back to taking such things for granted!

- for an ABA out and about day! First up was a Teddy Bears Picnic in Dandenong, where we had a stand and then it was off to talk to midwives at a hospital. The hospital gave an adventure of its own when the power went off and my DVD was trapped in the player until it returned! So I went and had lunch at the cafe and read my Kobo :)

- for tonight's TV viewing - Turn Back Time: the High Street (which I am absolutely loving) followed by my favourite Alan Davies in Whites then Jo Brand in Getting On :)

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