Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Today I am thankful - conversations, mornings and Kintara!

- for asocial drop-in day today, where the babies were all around 18 months and mums really motivated and wanting to learn. Some great conversation happens at the Breastfeeding Centre - it isn't all sore nipples, you know!

- for this treasure, which arrived in my blog reader from the wonderful Goddess Leonie:
I swear Leonie and I are tuned into the same life channel, as we keep doing the same things at the same time! Just last week, I wrote out my own morning routine (and the evening one) as reminders of how I prefer to start and end my day. Whilst these leisurely beginnings will have mothers of small children and those juggling paid work outside the home in stitches of laughter, even they could take tiny bits to incorporate into their own day. You can download this inspiration for free!

- for having Kintara here in the office on Wednesdays, to share the load. With our seminar for health professionals on Monday, I needed to box stuff up for the courier to collect in the morning and it was great leaving the phone to her and focus. Job sharing on the same day means we get twice as much achieved in the same number of hours!

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