Tuesday, March 15, 2011

My Japan

  • the Japanese couple who my parents corresponded with in my childhood.
  • eating seaweed crackers on a "Japanese Day" at primary school.
  • tracing maps of japan for school projects.
  • making origami.
  • collecting stamps commemorating the World Expo.
  • learning about our sister-city, Susono.
  • listening to my children counting and singing "Mary had a little lamb" as part of their Japanese studies.
  • being mystified by their Japanese homework in early high school.
  • watching Japanese exchange students make their "debut" alongside my daughter.
  • enjoying Susono vistors contributions to community events.
  • admiring my aunt for her solo travel to Japan.
  • eating my first sushi.
  • being welcomed into the home of a Japanese mother and her baby for a photo shoot for ABA.
  • meeting up with that mother again at conferences in Hobart and Melbourne and her gleeful embrace.
  • hearing about my husband's experiences of work trips to his company's home base.
  • seeing my kids embrace the Japanese cultures of anime and manga
  • constant background music and dialogue in Japanese coming from my son's computer.
  • farewelling two of my oldest friends for a year living in Japan for his work.
  • meeting Japanese migrants coming to the Breastfeeding Centre.
  • regularly eating sushi.
  • disbelief at the devastation caused by earthquake, tsunami and nuclear power stations.

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