Friday, March 11, 2011

Smart phone shopping again!

It is hard to believe that my beloved Blackberry Bold is about to come to the end of its contract and it is time for me to upgrade my phone again!

And after all my research last time, when I was choosing between Blackberry and iPhone, this time I am very tempted to go over to the dark side and get an iPhone!

I have app envy - what can I say? The huge gap between apps available for the two is huge and seems to grow daily. My Google Reader throws wonders in front of me, temptingly, marred by that little word: Apple.

Last time around, it was the little QWERTY keyboard that swayed me - my experience of touch screen with my Palm PDAs had been so frustrating and I wanted to be able to text and email with greater capacity than: OK! And it has been so and opened up more efficient communications and it is good.

But I want more app magic.

So now it is time for me to get down to the nitty-gritty of looking at the options. And garnering unbiased opinions from friends and colleagues, which if a little like getting recommendations for a football team to follow!

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