Friday, March 4, 2011

52 Weeks of decluttering - week eight

Checking in very late on this one as I was interstate last weekend and hit the ground running on my return. So before week nine's prompts hit the web today, thought I should quickly check in on the decluttering challenge for week eight!.

I tackled a couple of small projects in the week ending February 24, mostly because I spent the weekend resting a cold. But even the smallest tasks can make the biggest difference!

First was to reclaim what was supposed to be our command centre but had become "the place you shove bits and pieces that might have a home, but you can't be bothered looking for it!" (Can I just remind you I share this house with three other adults, plus two more adults who used to live here!)

This sight was giving me heart palpitations on a daily basis! So I emptied it of everything and took the contents to my sick-bed and sorted it all. In fact, the mountain was really a mole-hill and (as always) the 20% that belonged there was just swamped by the 80% that need chucking out!

We do so little written correspondence these days, but this is nominally where we keep paper, envelopes and stamps: the stamps we have there are TWO price increases behind, so I shall take them and some 10c ones to use at work and just buy a couple of current postage for home.


Now I can keep my household notebook there, even though that is heading the way of the dinosaurs as more and more household accounts are paperless. One day, there will be no paper! (It does help that the last child finished school over a year ago - schools are the main source of excess paper!)

Another little task I managed from bed was tidying my bedside drawer, where I keep my medications and vitamins taken each day, plus odds and ends of nail care items etc. Shoeboxes work well to corral different items and stop the sprawl, but I prettied them up with some scrapbooking paper, seeing I look into this space every single day, it might as well treat my senses!


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shirlnutkin said...

you are inspirational! love the mail declutter.