Monday, March 7, 2011

Today I am thankful - network, moment and village

- for the wonderful network of friends I have established over the years within the breastfeeding support community. Today's seminar for health professionals reminded me of just how many midwives, lactation consultants and others I have worked with over the past two decades and of the warm friendships we maintain. I was greeted with so many smiles and hugs! The theme of the day was Breastfeeding: together we do it better and that just sums it up for me!

- for the moment I took a photo memory of as I looked across the room filled with happy, smiling faces bathed in glorious Melbourne sunshine, set against the backdrop of the City skyline through the windows. Good food, good friends and good conversation. (Photo memories are what I call those moments when I don't have a camera in my hand but see a picture I want to keep - I just take in as much detail as I can and file it away in my memory)

- for the description of our breastfeeding centre given to me by a local health professional "You have created a village for these migrant women" - which is exactly the vision I have always had in my mind :)

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