Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Today I am thankful - crystal, surprise and found it!

- for the crystal my daughter bought me on her travels, which will give me strength in the face of illness.

- for a surprise gift tucked in with an ebay purchase - a book called Baby Wisdom!

- for finding that which was lost - I take a medication to help me sleep which impacts on my memory of what I do after I take it (like writing this right now!) Recently, the other me put my USB cable, dongle and car reader somewhere new but I didn't know where! I just found them - tucked into my small camera case in my handbag (good idea, hey?) and that meant I can get online even though our net is down right now!*

* this is no surprise to me - we have all had a series of break downs, stressed people and things going pear-shaped this week, which we are attributing to the Super Moon!

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