Monday, March 14, 2011

Today I am thankful - party, sunshine and lazy

- for the wonderful group of "young people" who came together last night at our home, for Melissa's vampire party. They had a great time, well into the early morning, and those who stayed over or popped back during the day were quite bright and happy (considering the post 4am bed time!)

- for the gradual return of our home from the dark-side, because such beautiful autumn weather should be able to brighten every nook and cranny (without threat to the undead from shafts of sunlight!)

- for a lovely, lazy day of blog reading, interspersed by healthy snacking and even getting the grocery shopping online out of the way for the month. Hope my energy reserves are refilled enough to keep me healthy for a while, so I can get my life management back on track - that means yoga on Wednesday and water aerobics on Friday :)

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