Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Today I am thankful - cows, cherry ripe and silence.

- for the innocence of children :) Today, Alex came along with his mum and 3wo sister to the breastfeeding centre. A group of mums were talking about weaning and cows milk was mentioned several times. Little ears picked up on this and announced:  "At the farm, I milked a cow!" Ah, warm fuzzy moment with everyone smiling and giving Alex their full attention. "Did you!" I responded, "how did you do that?". "I squeezed his p@nis!" he answered! Oh! (Mummy and Alex were going home to have a little chat that would involve pictures of cows - and udders!) It made everyone's day :)

- for cherry ripe tea, which Melissa just made me a cup of! Spoils from her trip to Olinda and Sassafras yesterday.

- for a day's peace without the phone ringing - sadly because it wasn't working, but it was so lovely :) Ah the serenity.

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