Thursday, March 17, 2011

Today I am thankful - doggy joy, green and goddess

- for the utter joy my little dog experiences when I arrive home from work. Molly bounces from her spot at the bedroom window onto the arm chair near the lounge room window and watches me get out of the car, then flies to the front door to greet me. Then she jumps on the bed requesting a cuddle. Then some days, I go get her a treat from the pantry - a smacko is her absolute favourite. Treats get thrown down the hallway, where she bounds after it. If you break it into pieces, she takes them one by one to her spot on the bed, eats it then bounces back for the next!

- for it being a great day to be Irish! Or, at least, have an Irish last name. Tis St Patricks Day, or as it was rechristened in our family years ago, Kieran Patrick's Day! To be sure.

- for gorgeous Goddess mail in the post, from the wonderful Goddess Leonie. A lovely card filled with with kind words and one of her little sketches. All on a beautiful card by her mentor, Ellanita, which you can view here:

Atlantis by Ellanita

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Victoria Girard said...

Animals bring so much joy into our lives. Two years ago we lost our precious Kuma, when our neighbor shot him 6 times. His birthday is St. Patricks Day, so every year on that day we celebrate his life and are so thankful that he was a part of our family.
Love your little Molly, she is very lucky to have you :)