Friday, March 25, 2011

Today I am thankful - puppy, glasses and hairdresser

- for Freecycle power - when the call came up on my local Freecycle list for a breast pump, I sighed and wished I could help, but there are health precautions about sharing milk collection kits between mothers, so the stash of odds and ends I have collected over the years cannot help. But when someone replied to the first request, asking for a pump for her dog - well, it was game on! The runt of the litter was struggling and it was touch and go. He struggled to stay on his mother's teat and so wasn't getting the energy he needs to grow. So I replied that I could help, went via my storage unit for an old Medela Mini Electric Plus I had been given ages ago and dropped around to give it to the breeder. She showed me a tiny bundle of four day old American Bull Dog and her son brought two siblings over to compare the size. Mum waddled out to see who was visiting her babies and I showed the breeder how the pump works: she grew up on a dairy farm, so knew the basics! I left them to it and got a message later to say they had success - 5mls - after they got the let down going by making a big fuss of mum :) and the pup drank it from the bottle. Here is the breeders website, so you can see what they will be like when they grow up:

- for multifocal glasses, which I collected on my way home - kind of weird but not as bad as I was expecting and I am sure I will get used to them in no time.

- for my kind of hair salon, where my colour developed while my hairdresser fed baby one side, then I jiggled his bouncer with my foot while she rinsed it out! And got him off to sleep! My hair is short and purple again :)

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