Thursday, March 3, 2011

Today I am thankful - cleaning, pet-love and PURPLE LBD!!!!

- for the surprising pleasure of being left in peace and quiet at the office so I could do a really deep clean and vacuum around and under my desk!

- for arriving home and being deluged in a love-fest of feline and canine greetings! Both so sooky they were even being nice to each other (until they realised what they were doing!)

- for the arrival of my BEAUTIFUL new wardrobe treasure - the INTIMO LBD in PURPLE!
Relax, I won't wear it quite like this, but as a skirt and over pants or leggings, with the promised PURPLE wrap (coming soon, I am told - not sure if it is the long or the short but happy with either)

I wish they would do the pants in this colour too and maybe a cami or other top - at least they are starting to realise a large part of the female population wear PURPLE as a key colour!!!! (I have both the LBD and pants in black, they are my only black garments, also the pants in chocolate and a long-wrap in oatmeal. Both the girls have various components as well)

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Tangerine Meg said...

Little Black Dress in Purple? Classic!