Monday, April 11, 2011

Yvette's Favourite things - Baby & Toddler Expo: Orange Hope and Ecocubs

I came across a couple of great ideas at the expo on the weekend that I want to share. I like to support mums in small business, but I need to like the product too!

Orange Hope - this stand was right next to our ABA one, so we got to chat quite a bit! I joined their Facebook on the spot on Friday and was pleasantly surprised to be greeted on Saturday with a copy of the book I had won by doing so! It is a lovely book and I plan to have it at the Breastfeeding Centre for mums to browse while they feed or wait for sleeping babies to wake so they can feed! The book is full of things new mums can do to look after and nurture themselves.

From the website:

Do you want to naturally navigate motherhood?

Sleep well at night and enjoy the daylight is like having a champion for your success at your side, day and night:
  • When you have just come home from hospital
  • When you are learning the ropes
  • If you return to work
  • If you are a mum of one or many
  • If you need advice
  • If problems arise
  • If you are a mum who needs to connect to the woman within
Learn how to do 5 things differently;
  1. sleep soundly
  2. feel liberated
  3. see happiness
  4. receive support
  5. nurture and inspire your inner self
Buy now and spend a lifetime growing more passionately with your new family, connect to the woman within and live a passionate and fulfilling life now. This book’s easy design will give you the versatility of a picture book for a moments inspiration or a full 52 week guide bring many opportunities of motherhood into your awareness to be pondered over.

“Every mother hopes to be the best mother she can be…Let Orange Hope support, nurture and inspire your amazing motherhood journey”

Rockin Green and Ecocubs - Rockin Green is a laundry alternative that ticks all the boxes from an environmental and ethical perspective and is suitable for all your laundry but particularly so for modern cloth nappies (which I think are wonderful, just 20-30 years too late!)

The mums who are distributing this are just so lovely and great supporters of ABA, breastfeeding and gentle parenting, so I would be delighted to point my purchases toward them. Then they told me about their business - ecocubs: not just an online store for modern cloth nappies but also running a cloth nappy library and a demonstration service - just the thing for the modern cloth nappy day I have been pondering for the Breastfeeding Centre (like our Slings and Things)! So check them out!!

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