Monday, April 18, 2011

Today I am thankful - transport, local and classic

- for public transport: when half my brain double-booked the other half, I found myself with my car booked for a service when I was supposed to be at the Breastfeeding Centre for a meeting! So I got to test out the alternate commute by catching the bus. Much as my greenie-self would love to do this all the time, the reality is the trip to Dandenong takes twice as long by bus as my trip by car - and that is before I factor in another bus from home to the transit station :( However, the trip via hybrid Smart Bus has been shown to work, so a handy back-up if needed.

- for local living: once back in Frankston I had half a day to fill before collecting my car. On foot, I visited my chiropractor, spend time reading at the library, shopped for books at the Savers store my daughter works at, browsed books at our local bookstores, enjoyed lunch and then afternoon tea and did a little shopping at the supermarket.

- for my super-car: 27 years on the road next month and still astounding the mechanics! Today they replaced the original front brakes for the first time! Every time I have work done on her, we discover yet another original part finally retiring! She is now officially a classic car and has car buffs drooling over her everywhere from roadside assistance to car parks! 

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