Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Today I am thankful - printer, drop-in and amazon delivery

- for a new printer in the office! We have finally been able to update from the lovely, but unreliable, printer to what we hope is lovely & reliable! If it is, we will make a permanent altar to the printer god, rather than daily prayers!!!

- for a busy drop-in day with several mums and babies coming in across the day and leaving with things to try and smiling faces. And a great learning day for the student midwife who came to observe - and her baby-holding skills were well-appreciated too!

- for the arrival of my own copy of Multiple Sclerosis and Having a Baby from Amazon: relax - as a reference text for my Ms, Mums & Milk project! Now all I need is a bit more time to focus on the book I am planning.

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hobosfromubobo said...

You've had a good day with joy at work, with your mums and now you have some reading matter as well. How good is that? My grandaughter, a young Mum with three little kids came to visit today and I was in awe of the new things my little great grandaughter (5 months) could do today that she couldn't do a week ago. watching happy babies grow is a great pass time!