Thursday, April 14, 2011

Today I am thankful - apples, cats and rug rats!

- for autumnal fare: I had an urge for baked apples last night, so acted on it when I arrived home from work. They are in the oven. Shall be followed over the next few months by crumbles and other applely delights :)

- for safe cats: Merry and Frodo (our Hobbit Cats) went there and back again when the back door was inadvertently left open - they are fully indoor cats, both for their safety and that of our local wildlife. But their adventure outside was not all they dream it to be, leaving them wet and bedraggled from the rain! Told ya!

- for crawling babies: the Mum's Group who meet at the centre each week have abandoned their strollers and now the babies are starting to sit and crawl on the floor - rug rats! They love having our space to explore and remind me of any child-proofing issues I may have overlooked ;)

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