Thursday, April 21, 2011

Today I am thankful - uninterrupted, long weekend and staying home

- for an uninterrupted morning: everyone must have been out panic-buying food for the long weekend, because the phone was silent and nobody crossed the threshold. I was able to focus on video management, setting up the menu and transferring files. The very moment I sat down in front of the TV with my lunch and the remote in my hand to test it, a mother and her three children arrived!

- for the Land of the Long Weekend: the Easter weekend is a long established tradition in Australia, where we take Good Friday and then the Monday in lieu of the Sunday for public holidays. So we are positively delirious that ANZAC day falls on Tuesday, giving us a five-day long weekend! (Unless you work in retail, as the shops only close on Good Friday). I plan on serious restoration of my body and scraproom!!!

- for living local: while the masses will sit in their cars with grumpy children and grumpier adults, inching along the highway at the end of our street, we will hole up at home, venturing out only if we wish. With all our family living nearby, there is no obligation to go away and with the beach at our doorstep, no incentive either :)

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