Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Today I am thankful - Dickens, Facebook & workforce!

- for Dickens! I just saw an ad on the ABC for a DVD set of Jane Austen dramatisations, and I thought 'meh', then they said they also have a set of three of Dickens - Bleak House, Oliver Twist and Little Dorrit - all of which I thoroughly adored on TV! So I accept I am not an "Austen Girl" but I am a "Dickens Girl" - I have read none of her works and have read most of his!

- for Facebook! Facing a three-day weekend of commuting an hour each way between home and the Baby & Toddler Expo in the City, I asked on my Facebook Wall if anyone could give me a bed for the nights. I got TWO offers, one an easy tram ride away from the beautiful Exhibition Building in Carlton! I am blessed.

- for the luxury of being able to go photocopying at Officeworks, knowing Kintara was holding the fort on drop-in day! This is exactly why we needed an extra staff member and gee it feels good! When I got back, she and a family were chatting, waiting for my return.

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