Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Today I am thankful - toilet, tech and bag

- for signs of growth:  today I finished transforming the second toilet in our office back to that role. Since we opened 2 1/2 years ago, it has served as storage space but with more staff and more visitors, it is needed! (Still houses the vacuum cleaner though!)

- for sorting out our technical issues - we are now all systems go for running our video educational resources from the hard drive to the big screen - hopefully this will mean I spend less time kneeling on the floor! Thanks to my tech son and his mate for sorting me out.

- for my new bag, which arrived in the post today :)

I was motivated a couple of weeks ago by this post on MM's Missions. Her idea of "a purse in a purse in a purse" will hopefully solve a similar dilemma in my life. I initiated stages one and two right away, discovering a clutch bag I bought for the wedding last year (but didn't end up using) was just right to act as my day to day wallet but also could hold my phone and keys, making it perfect for me to toss into my shopping bag or just grab to pop into the chemist or supermarket for a quick purchase. Tucked into my bag, it meant no switching. So then I needed to find my stage three bag: a tote big enough to hold my existing handbag plus my work stuff like my lunch, gadgets and stuff. I adore my two Louenhide bags (a purple Baby Rhombo and an orange Baby Barrel) so went to their website and there was the perfect solution: the new Switch!!! It holds my either of my existing bags, with plenty of room for my lunch-bag and more! And on those days I don't work, I can just pull out my bag and go! I will take some photos when I get a minute so you can see how it works :) And if I need to, it is also big enough to hold my laptop or double as a shopping bag!

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Martha (MM) said...

Excellent! So glad I inspired you. It makes life so much easier doesn't it?! :-)