Monday, April 11, 2011

Today I am thankful - for the past weekend

- for the wonderful feedback so many women made a point of coming to give us over the three-day Baby & Toddler Expo - we accepted many wishes of thanks on behalf of all our volunteers. ABA makes a difference in people's lives, for which we can all be thankful.

- for the company of Jacinta Covington as we stood in pouring rain waiting for trams, sans umbrella or any form of rain protection on Saturday. 

- for the beauty and elegance of the old Royal Exhibition Buildings in Carlton, where the expo was held for the last time. Jeff's Shed (aka the Melbourne Exhibition Centre in Southbank) is much more comfortable and user-friendly but has none of the charm. 

- for the common sense so many parents-to-be showed, whispering "I don't think we need half the stuff here!" to which I agreed! Honestly, some people see expectant parents as a license to print money!!!

- for the healthy food available at the cafe, so I was able to stick mostly to my eating plan across the weekend.

-for the friendship of ABA volunteers past and present, with whom it is always a delight to spend time. It is like one big family :)

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