Sunday, April 3, 2011

Today I am thankful - workshop, car and wardrobe

- for a wonderful time today at ABA Nepean regions workshop, who listened to me waffle on about BECs and breast pumps. It was wonderful to be able to welcome them into the Breastfeeding Centre after a last-minute venue hiccup and lovely to put faces to names of new trainees I hadn't met before. And then they gave me the most glorious bunch of flowers as a thank you - a mass of purple and orange blooms!!!!

- for the timely arrival of roadside assistance when my car wouldn't start after everyone went home. he got me started and warned me not to stop on the way home! And only a couple of hours later, the new starter motor has been fitted by a mobile unit in my driveway! It has a two year warranty: my car is 27 years old!

- for swapping out the last of my wardrobe yesterday and welcoming my Winter wear from storage, while sadly packing away my fisherman pants and peasant skirts tile Spring - no doubt we will now get a heatwave!

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