Saturday, April 23, 2011

Today I am thankful - Mornington, mittens and Molly!

- for the joy that is taking our dog Molly to one of her favourite places - the Mornington Main Street shopping precinct! It is said that King Charles II issued a Royal edict that no King Charles Spaniel can be denied entry to any public place and Molly stands by this right! However, we only allow her to enforce it in pet shops, where she "browses" amongst the food displays with her nose in overtime. We love that Mornington is dog-friendly and not only allows, but welcomes dogs. Most shops and cafes have bowls of water outside the front door and the footpath cafe tables are host to all sorts of dogs and their owners. Sadly, they are not allowed at all in the Frankston CBD, so those retailers miss out on our business and trade :(

- for rainbow winter warmth: at my favourite Himalayan shop, I found just the arm warmer/fingerless mittens I searched for last winter - rainbow stripes! And a woolly scarf to match - a total of only $25 all up :) and the profits go back to people in Tibet and Nepal :)

- for one on one time with my married daughter, as we took it in turns to browse our favourite shops, while the other stood on the footpath with the dog and her adoring crowd! 

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Tangerine Meg said...

Oh, yey for rainbow mittens! Can we have a picture?