Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Today I am thankful - away, dynamic and fish

- for anticipation of a weekend away: have just booked two nights at a B&B in Daylesford next month, for Melissa and I on our annual weekend at Back to Booktown in Clunes. As well as the ultimate in second-hand book sales, we look forward to shopping in the Daylesford shops :) 

- for a dynamic drop-in day today: on days like today, it is hard to imagine Dandenong without our Breastfeeding Centre. Mums seeking help were also providing support to each other while children played, books and booklets browsed, videos watched and babies fed and fed!

- for fish delivery: in addition to our weekly salmon, this week I ordered white fish and prawns in our Aussie Farmers Direct order - brilliant! No need to brave the easter shopping chaos.

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