Sunday, April 17, 2011

Today I am thankful - Seaford, phantom and clumps

- for a sunny Sunday in Seaford: Molly and I headed to the farmers market this morning and finished off with a walk on the beach. Market purchases included home-made soaps, free range eggs, vietnamese mint, dog treats and strawberries, while for breakfast we had an egg and bacon roll (with spare bacon offered to Miss Molly!) followed by fresh lemonade and a chai! So we needed the walk along the shore in the sunshine.

- for phantom music: when  you play a song in itunes and in that heartbeat after it finishes, your brain begins whatever track used to follow it on the original album!

- for the last of my batch of granola: I mis-measured or something with this batch made a couple of weeks ago, so it is extra sticky, resulting in massive clumps that are reminiscent of peanut brittle! Addictive snacking.

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