Sunday, June 26, 2011

Today I am thankful - time off, old friends, order and pelicans!

- for time off: took some time off Thankful blogging this week, as part of a rest strategy - not sure it saved me any energy LOL, but at least I can say I cut back on something!

- for old friends: how wonderful it was today to have a casual reunion with fellow students from our old school Ballam Park Tech. Organised through Facebook, about 30 people came - attendance seemed to fall between 74- the second year of the school and the first year with girls - and 1985. I think nearly everyone there still lives fairly locally - nice feeling of community. Next year will be the school's 40th anniversary (although technically it now has yet another name, the second since they merged us in the mid 90s) and I hope someone organises a big reunion for that, as the one we had in 1992 was great fun.

Who is that rainbow woman?

- for order: our office is slowly getting everything back in place - well, as well as we can when some of the places have been removed and replacements not ordered yet! It seems every spare moment involves moving something - into a box, out  of a box .... but we have also had the last of the new phone  system installed and Kintara and I have our new red Hot Seats (which she kindly assembled!) and our vision of the refreshed office is coming together.

- for pelicans: Often during my work commute, pelicans fly over-head. i can't tell you the joy I get when I see them, because they just weren't around in this area when we were growing up. They are a sign that the wetlands in the area are working and productive. Water birds also make use of the flooded drainage areas along the way, creating their own eco-sphere, which just shows you can't plan everything! And the pelicans also remind me of my father, who often quoted: A funny old bird is the pelican. His beak can hold more than his belly can. 

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