Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Today I am thankful - decluttered, peace and progress

- for decluttering! it is a hell of a way to achieve it, but we suddenly have space! My head is still spinning, but when I stop to look, there is room in the pantry, the linen cupboard, the lounge room ... not to mention the ex-bedroom itself! I have even just made space on my tea shelf by gathering Melissa's collection for her to take home. Sure makes up for these past weeks when I haven't done anything for the 52 week challenge!!

- for peace: I am enjoying tranquility as Kieran is (asleep) in his room - I came home to three fur babies who wanted their dinner and have only had to enjoy tea and gentle music since. I will probably have to think about dinner, though, as tonight was another of Melissa's and has been reassigned to the sleeping one ;)

- for progress: today our new office phone system was installed and instead of listening to my endless messagebank message, now you can Press on for breast pumps ... be careful what you wish for!!!!

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