Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Today I am thankful - shadows, words and creation

- for long shadows: a week out from the Winter solstice, the days are short and my drive home at 4pm is accompanied by a descending sun casting long, long shadows. My commute is a freeway across what was once a large wetland, leaving flat, open space to see the light play.

- for words: the English language is an awful thing - messy, conflicting and counter-intuitive. So many of the visitors I see at work are mastering it as a second language and their usage often highlights its flaws. My favourite, common to migrants from India and the Sub-continent - their breasts or nipples are "paining". So logical, so descriptive, so emotive. 

- for woolly creation: my Friendship Blanket continues to grow in its unplanned journey. As the yarns come together, it directs me what to do next. The results surprise me each time. While I work, I think of all the people who have been friends during the first half of my life and all those I will meet in the second half.

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