Thursday, June 16, 2011

Today I am thankful - children, kindness and peace.

- for my children: the news that one of our volunteers has tragically lost a second adult child in as many weeks makes me want to gather my chicks under my wings and protect them. 

- for kindness: my daughter Kaitlyn happily responded to my plea to collect and transport my laptop from home to office - my morning routine was disrupted and I walked out the door without it. She had to hurry, though, as she had an appointment to get my dog's claws trimmed - after I requested her help with this urgent task. 

- for peace: on my return home from work, I stopped to enjoy the result of my cleaner's labours and the calm space of our home. I pottered around closing curtains against the dusk, lighting candles and spent five minutes refreshing the arrangement of treasures on the chest in our bedroom. Anticipating the dinner to be cooked by my son, I could just relax :)

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