Friday, June 24, 2011

Rest versus Do

I am a few days behind in my Thankful posts - I have been Thankful, just haven't posted!

Today I am in a quandry. It is Friday and, like Monday, my week-day off. And like most other Friday/Mondays when I have no commitments on the calendar, my brain bickers with itself over the wisest use of my time.

My body is tired, the fibromyalgia is doing its winter thing and making all my connective tissue painful and I have pushed my energy level to the point where small MS symptoms are telling me to take it easy. I should be resting. My poor chiropractor is nagging me to rest - actual rest, not doing stuff in bed like crochet or blog surfing!!! Sigh. He says I don't know how, but the truth is I know only too well and have spent so much time that way in the past - and it is mind-numbing.

But there is that other part of my brain who presents a wishlist of things to do - restore my scrapbooking room after the moving-out disruptions; shop for and cook a batch of lunches for the freezer (to make my work days easier!); work on my new photo gallery wall in the living room; work on my Friendship Blanket; catch up on my ABA photo library tasks and it goes on .... None of these are things I don't want to do or won't enjoy doing but none of them are technically rest. But if I lie in bed all day resting, my brain will just churn over this list!

I can compromise with a half-day in bed and a half-day tackling the list but I know neither will be really effective. If only I could clone myself and have one body to rest and nurture and a second to get on and do!

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