Sunday, June 5, 2011

Today I am thankful -

- for walking: today, Melissa,Kaitlyn, Molly and I donned our new red hats (or scarf, in the case of Molly!) and walked the 5kms around Albert Park Lake again, this time as part of the annual MS Walk. At times it was very chilly and at one point the head wind almost took Molly away, but at least we didn't have the rocky ride the swans and cygnets were having on the lake! I love that my girls so willing book this event into their calendars in support of my health and even the big move out yesterday wasn't going to get in the way :)

- for a moving experience: Yesterday was moving day, as Melissa moved into her first permanent home out of home (she had backpacked for two years in her early 20s, but has been back home for four) and family and friends rallied to relocate her stuff. Having only secured the rental on Thursday and having started her search on Monday, she was moving out before she had even begun packing. As a massive book collector, seamstress and costume maker, Melissa needed a lot more than her bedroom and the parts of the family home she had taken over, but with parents, grandparents, siblings, friends and sibling's friends, most of her treasures were transferred on the day. Living without electricity or gas until Monday, she has been back home for dinner and showers. Today I had the luxury of helping unpack by shelving her books as best we can - she needs more book-cases! I might have a 20 year head-start, but she has a collection that will rival my own! And the luxury of a sewing room will do wonders :)

- for space! The flip-side of Melissa relocating her stuff is the freeing up of room for our own! From pantry to linen cupboard to living rooms, there is space where there wasn't - not to mention the empty room earmarked for a den for her father! I can't wait to see our cleaner's face tomorrow: she last came on Thursday morning, when she heard Melissa was house-hunting - a few days later and she has left the building!!!!

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Tangerine Meg said...

I love the photo of the 3 of you in the red hats, smiling x o