Saturday, June 11, 2011

Today I am thankful - support, accomplishment and growth

- for support: it was our MS support group today. It is held every month and I am one of the leaders but I have had prior commitments for the past two. It is good to gather with people who understand, where we laugh that three of us still can't quite remember the tea/coffee requests by the time we get to the kitchen. Where conversation about walking sticks, walking frames and wheelchairs is of a practical nature and a catalogue is passed around like it was selling Tupperware. Where the simple act of slicing and serving cake is appreciated for its complexity and praised for its success. But mostly, where irreverent laughter and empathy fill the room.

- for accomplishment: I got the dog washed and the kitty litter changed. The girls used to share the litter tray responsibility as they were owned by a cat each. Then Kaitlyn took it on while Melissa backpacked, then Melissa took it on when Kaitlyn left home. Now Melissa has left home and I get it back again! Sigh.

- for growth: my friendship blanket continues to change at my whim - random circles are attached and incorporated. Colours change as I get bored. Steadily it grows and keeps me warm - as long as I share with the fur-babies who think it is for their winter comfort!

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