Friday, June 10, 2011

Today I am thankful - Freecycle, patience and visitors.

- for Freecycle goodness: today Melissa and I picked up a sewing cabinet from a Freecycler in Caulfield. It is now installed in her sewing room :) On Wednesday a generous local Freecycler not only gave her a dining table but dropped it off to her home! Reducing landfill and building community - is good!

- for patience: I was happily winding a ball of wool off the skien, when the cat decided to sit on it on my lap. Sigh - now it is a form of meditation.

- for visitors: this weekend, Melbourne is hosting two of my favourite people - the Dali Lama and Jane Goodall, the chimpanzee woman. Just knowing they are nearby makes me feel good about the world.

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