Friday, June 3, 2011

Today I am thankful - moment, packing and dinner

- for moment in the spotlight: what a hoot this afternoon! My photo shoot was a little "non standard" for the studio and the photographer, as I asked for it to be about colour, not their trademark black and white or sepia. She asked me to bring along some props which represent "me" - so I took my parasol, a book and my rainbow scarf :) The results even made me laugh - you will have to wait until the go live on facebook next week, when I will share them. All in all, great fun and way out of my comfort zone.

- for packing: there was the beginning of a frenzy here today, as Melissa got started on her packing before she picked up her house key before work! She has made a good start and this afternoon, I packed up her collection of kitchenware and food supplies (plus a good portion of staples from ours!) and have a clear top shelf in the pantry! But tomorrow the work will really begin!

- for dinner: I was at a loss of what to cook, when I spotted my new cookbook, delivered this week! 15 mins later I was serving up Chorizo Bows pasta from page 30 of "I want that recipe!", a fundraising project for ABA Manning/Great Lakes group :) You will want that recipe and will definitely want that cookbook!

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