Monday, January 30, 2012

Today I am Thankful - water aerobic, art and cool change

- for water aerobics! Yay! I went back to class after a whole year off. I can't tell you how good it felt - like a load off my shoulders to have done that and yoga last week. Now I can get on with returning to it as a regular part of my routine and I am also intending to get to my other class on Friday. My friends were delighted to see me too :)

- for art: I have two ongoing projects for the year now, which will see me art journalling through 2012. They are:
Life Book 2012
Book of Days 2012
AND I am doing a class by one of my favourite journalling artists Joanne Sharpe, because I want to do stuff that looks like the stuff she does!!!!!!       

Finally, I am exploring a new way of looking at scrapbooking - not in place of the traditional stuff which I will continue to do - but a way of keeping ephemera and journaling life, with these fantastic SMASH journals!

- for cool change: so over the hot, humid weather these past few days. Will be glad to open the doors and windows and get some cool air.

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