Thursday, February 2, 2012

Today I am Thankful - organised, arty and yoga

- getting organised: having a quiet couple of days at work (phone, email and people visiting all down - the world had other things to do in back-to-school week?) meant I could clear a lot of small, non-urgent tasks like filing. It feels good to get back to empty inboxes and to do folders!

- getting arty: I got home from work and was able to put in two solid hours in my creative space (not sure if calling it my scrapbooking room is still accurate as my focus is art journalling this year - although i do need to do some scrapping before Kieran's 21st birthday next week!) I should be able to use my magic window of time between 5pm and 7pm each weeknight (except for yoga night!) to keep up with my class commitments.

- for yoga: last night I was back at my wednesday night yoga class, with lots of familar faces. I tried the Tuesday class last week, but it starts an hour later at 7pm and I just know I couldn't sustain that. So back to busy Wednesdays after drop-in day, but I am going to be like Nike and just do it!!!

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