Monday, January 16, 2012

Today I am Thankful - weekend, village tales & resting

- for the most wonderful weekend at the Frankston Waterfront Festival. This annual event in our beach-side town just grows and grows! And for the first time in years, we were blessed by the weather gods. Although it was quite chilly on Saturday, Sunday was gloriously beautiful. In-between my shifts in our feed and change tent, run for mums by our local ABA group, I was able to hang out with my daughter Kaitlyn on Saturday then my daughter Melissa on Sunday. We must have walked more than our 10 000 steps as we explored the event, but I probably ate back the same kilojoules in yummy food!

- for village tales. After a long delay waiting for book ten in the series to come from overseas (possibly via the Moon!), I am back on track with the Turnham Malpas series by Rebecca Shaw and am just about to begin book 11!

- for resting. Just a little tired after the weekend, so a bed day was in order. Caught up on my Google Reader, checked out all the goodies in the Life Book course I have signed up for with Willowing and basically doing very little!!

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