Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Today I am Thankful - community, yoga and Hymn to Her

- for community. I love how people I know are friends with other people I know who have met other people I know and it just turns into a wonderful circle of friends. Today my daughter hung out with a heap of my baby-wearing friends at the safe baby-wearing meet-up in Frankston. My daughter doesn't have any babies, but she believes that baby-wearing is a positive part of raising children, so she went along in support and just introduced herself to all these people who knew all about her from my Facebook and blogging! When she does have babies, her village will be l be waiting for her :)
Always a loving pair of arms for a little one with a n owie!
- for getting there: last night I did a yoga class! A big tick off my list of healing things for 2012. No, not my first yoga class, but the first in too many months to count. And it felt good. And I plan to be there again next week.

- for art: yesterday, I put together some images of the Triple Goddess: Maiden, Mother, Crone Matriarch with some lyrics from a wonderful song by The Pretenders, Hymn to Her, which is a song I love. I am really happy with the result, which reflects my transitional stage - the Maiden is past, the Mother is turning away and the Matriarch is facing the world. (I don't like the connotation of Crone in our modern culture, no longer a term for an elder wise woman, but a disparaging hag who has lost her looks and youth. I like matriarch better). Oh, no - she isn't a depiction of me BTW - she is Everywoman)

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