Monday, January 2, 2012

Decluttering 2012

It is entirely too hot here today to do ANYTHING more than wait for it to cool down, so instead of using my decluttering guides, I thought I would share them instead :)

(I always begin the year with the urge to clean out!)

Creating Your Goddess Haven: By far, the funest (I have been around young people too much!) way to declutter and make your home into a haven is with Goddess Leonie. Now - you do need to pay to use this one and although I am an affiliate and get a % if you do, I am still saying this is the best course, ever. But don't just buy this one course, because for just a little more, you can become a member of the Goddess Circle and get ALL the courses, plus heaps more. I promise, money well spent. much better spent than hitting to shops and buying "organisers" which just quickly become more clutter.

My Simpler Life Declutter & Organize Calendar: I have downloaded this and fully intend to use it, but also know i will not be using it every day, and that is absolutely okay!

52 Weeks @ Organizing Junkie: I started this last year and kept up for ages, but my health let me down and I lost heart. So I am going to start again and see if I can make it,

i Heart Organizing: not so much a program to guide you through the decluttering/organizing process, but the most wonderfully motivating photos to get you inspired to recreate her projects.You must do the home tour, because after the WOW factor, you will see she actually uses simple ideas you can use too. And have fun in the project gallery!


Moira said...

Thanks for sharing Yvette - I've downloaded the calendar, and I have to say you were very inspirational last year with all your decluttering FB updates! And I am absolutely in LOVE with all your scrabble themed projects and decor you've posted. Wordie heaven!!

Rina Cooper said...

Hi Yvette - I am obsessed about how to go about organising my life better and I still use your folder system at home on the bench that you gave me some 10-11 years ago. Thanks for the latest. You are a miracle woman!

Yvette O'Dowd said...

Good luck with the calendar - post your progress on FB and inspire me!

I seem to have had a Scrabble year and I am thrilled with the results. Now to actually play the game sometime (although the "kids" have set up an ongoing challenge on the fridge with the magnet set i got for Christmas!)