Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Breast Idea. Ever.

I just have to share with you the most wonderful, simple thing which has popped up on my Facebook Wall:

Now, if you - unlike me - don't spend your time helping women overcome breastfeeding challenges, then you will have no idea what this is for. here is Mel's explanation:

Do you know what a SNS is? If you do then you know how bulky and unattractive it can be. My sister is nursing her 3rd baby but needs the help of a SNS (supplimental nursing system) due to low milk supply. I created this SNS cowl just for
 her. It is a soft, attractive way to hold the SNS around her neck. Now she can nurse her baby discreetly and look down at just her beautiful baby without staring at the bottle and tubing.
And this is why hiding that bottle is so wonderful for mums:


Looks like this in use
And allows this kind of magic to happen

But in a world that has currently grown intolerant of breastfeeding itself in public view, it would be a brave woman indeed who would feed her baby with one of these openly in a food court!

So, BRAVO to Mel and her crocheted creations, may they bring happiness to adoptive mothers and women with chronic low supply and other complex feeding issues.



Jo said...

For our beautiful boy Thomas I used one of these, didn't work (needed suck training, thankyou Maureen Minchin and the very first ABA lactation consultants in Australia), but did make me feel like a mother!

shea said...

I used an SNS for both my babies. In public. I hated that stupid plastic thing - it made me feel like a freak. Seeing this simple, beautiful, THOUGHTFUL thing brings tears to my eyes. What a wonderful gift! YAY!