Friday, January 20, 2012

Today I am Thankful - purple, lunch & art

- for purple: the myotherapist exclaims: your bra matches your toe-nails!

- for lentils & rice: such a yummy lunch at Aum Shanti. Note to self - make time to eat here more often.

- for art: I posted my artworks for the first and third weeks of Life Book to my Facebook Wall and peole said nice things. For all that I am so public with so much of my life, I am nervous about my ventures into drawing and painting. So positive feedback helps. (Week Two is a Dream Board, cutting and pasting planned for tonight/tomorrow)

Week One - Iris, Goddess of Rainbows. We needed to aknowledge our Goddess Super Powers, harder than it seems, to get round the self-talk that "bragging" is not the done thing.

Week Three - Goddesses illustrating two sides of me. I chose to show my public and private personas - one my work days, I am the person that mothers visit to find help with their breastfeeding problems. This is represented by the Roman Goddess Rumina, Goddess of breastfeeding and women. But on the days I am not at work, I am focused on seeking help for my own health issues, represented by Panacea, the Greek Goddess of Healing. But she is reaching out to and connecting with Rumina, because that work also helps me heal and grow, so they are not truly separate.

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