Sunday, October 23, 2011

Road Trip:Day Two

(Day one was just travelling up by air, so I'll skip that!)

Wednesday October 19
With a free day in Canberra, I set off in the morning by taxi to my first target: Beyond Q a used book-shop in the suburb of Curtin. I had found the shop in my Google trawling and it was all I could ask for – a vast basement of books laid oout in row after of row of shelves, with all sorts of interesting displays and a cafĂ© as well. I spent about an hour browsing and limited my selection down to just three: a biography, an Agatha Christie and abook about travelling in France.

Next stop was in manuka, to check out the only wool shop I could find online. While I didn’t find any yarn to tempt me, I did pick up a Scrabble mug at a shop nearby. Then I jumped a bus into town and visited the National Portrait Gallery and National Gallery, whiling away some time before I crossed the park to the Old Parliament House and enjoyed a fabulous range of exhibitions. Then it was back to Rosemary’s for a rest before we headed out to dinner.

A gathering of publications and other ABA people at a Thai restaurant was a great end to the day.

Oh, yeah - and the Queen arrived!

(I didn't take my camera out and about as I was trying to travel light. But here are pictures online of where I went.

Beyond Q bookshop

Woolshed @ Manuka

National Portrait Gallery

National Gallery

Old Parliament House

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Jamie said...

What was the book about France you bought?