Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Road Trip: Day Five

After catching a cab to the airport, I collected my hire car (Kia Sportage, which I love!) and hit the road to Wagga. Drove past crowd gathering for Queen outside Duntroon but decided not to change my iterary just for a couple of visiting pensioners from the UK!

Drove to Yass, then to Gundagai, where the dog still sits on the tuckerbox, only now he is 8kms from Gundagai, which doesn't scan as well as five miles. Stopped for the obligatoy homage, toilet stop and hamburger which featured in every childhood trip.

Next it was on to Tumut, where I popped in to see some relations. While they didn't get up or say hello, I am sure they were pleased to see me again.
Then it was on to Batlow, to see relatives who were up and about! I hadn't seen my Uncle Alan since if was in primary school and had never met his wife Marie, so it was with great excitement on both sides when I arrived. Marie prepared the most wonderful country afternoon tea of scones and fruitcake and we brought each other up to date with family matters. Then he showed me some pieces of his fathers old car, wrecked in a collision with a moving train in the early 50s (Harrie and his brother George both survived) which Alan had found just recently in the grass at the site! He even gave me a broken piece to bring home for my collection.
 Then there was just time for some family photos before I was on the road to Wagga.

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