Sunday, October 30, 2011

Road Trip 2011: Day Ten

I spent the day driving around Sydney, first visiting the NSW Branch office of ABA - the Sydney equivalent of my own workplace, where I caught up with Liz and Linda and drooled over their extensive refurbishment since my previous visit in 2005. Inspired by our own Breastfeeding Centre, they recently established a Breastfeeding Lounge and have rearranged their office space to provide private and public consultation spaces to support breastfeeding mothers. You will notice they also embrace purple as a theme colour!!

There was a slight detour to a bookshop and the bonus of just the orange backpack I have searched for for ages - half price! - and some lunch, then back on the road.

Next stop was to see  my lovely friend Anne and give her the the crocheted hat I made just for her. Chemotherapy is her focus right now and I was so happy she was up to a visit. We talked and laughed and she loved her hat, then showed me her beading, giving me a beautiful necklace of purple and just a hint of gold-orange. Before we knew it, there was only time for her husband to take photos of us giggling like school-girls, she bedecked in a purple jacket and scarf and her new hat, setting off her jammies just perfectly! And she donned Winona, her new wig, which made her look like a wild, young thing.

This is how Anne made sure I saw her house, with a string of Helpline stickers, which I completely missed as I was giving way, along with all the other traffic, to a slowly strolling Brush Turkey crossing the road!

(I don't drive with camera in hand, so this is someone else's turkey!)

Back to my cousin's house and then out to dinner at Darren and Amy's and more baby cuddles :)

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