Sunday, October 30, 2011

Road Trip: Day Twelve

After a good night's sleep, a shower in the wonderfully-rainbow-tiled bathroom, breakfast of pancakes, I was on the road again for my final day.

My rental car needed to returned at the airport at 2pm and my flight checked-in at 3pm, so I had a few hours to play with. I headed straight to Glebe, to visit the book-mecca of Gleebooks, famous among used-books buyers and Bookcrossers. What I wasn't expecting, though, was to find the suburb of Glebe so much to my liking! With multiple book-shops along its strip, including one with a cafe where I drank chai, and the absolute bonus of a huge outdoor market where i browsed happily until I headed to the airport.

All went well with my flight and it was only as I and the other passengers waited for our bags that we found out we were, in fact, the last flights to touch down with Qantas for some time, as the news spread that the company had gone into lock-out mode in defiance of ongoing strikes and stop-works in recent months. I had just escaped being stranded in Sydney and while I would have, no doubt, plenty of beds offered, and a three-day buffer til I need to be back at work, others were not so fortunate. My shuttle bus home included a woman who should have been flying home to Macau, but was - instead - returning to her friend's home while alternate flights were found. This is the news  on a global stoppage which will affect many. Thankfully, I was headed home to bed!!!!

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