Sunday, October 23, 2011

Road Trip: Day Three

Thursday October 20
Up bright and early, we arrived at the National Convention Centre for the fist day of Step Up, Reach Out. I hurried to set out the Vic Branch sales table, with satchels, 2012 calendars and Maureen Minchin’s allergy booklet. Then the conference opened. The first session, after welcome to Country, was a welcome by BFHI Patron, author and model, Tara Moss, who then sat down to breastfeed her gorgeous 8mo. 

Next was the wonderful Peter Hartman. I have lost count of the number of times I have heard him speak, yet each time I come away inspired and with new awe for what he and his team are discovering about breastmilk – this time, that stem cells can be grown from human milk, which not only grow to form new milk-making glands, but can also grow into other organs which has great potential for cures to many diseases: which I suspect could include Multiple Sclerosis,, where stem cell research is promising. Breast milk is by far the easiest way to harvest stem cells and has no ethical barriers.

Another reminder that Truby King was behind all this routine stuff we are still dealing with the fallout from!
I spent the first concurrent session racing from workshop to workshop in my role as conference photographer and, therefore, got to observe all that was on offer. By far the most amusing was the interactive workshop on teaching breastfeeding education classes, who learned ways to show expectant parents the average output of a breastfed baby with disposable nappies, bottles of water and fake poo!!!!

Over the lunch and tea breaks, it was so lovely to catch up with friends, many of whom were selling group projects to raise funds for their groups, while others were just enjoying being there! here are some of my favourite photos:

In the afternoon, I presented my own talk about the Breastfeeding Centre, a subject I never tire of speaking about and I got some great feedback, which was wonderful.

Then, there was the Conference Dinner, but that will have to wait til my next chance to post.

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