Sunday, October 30, 2011

Road Trip: Day Eleven

Waving farewell to my cousin Bruce, I set off to catch up my cousin David! Bruce is my father's nephew, while David is my mother's yet it turns out they both live in the Parramatta area! David an I caught up over tea in the local shopping centre and he told me we hadn't seen each other since my daughter was born in 1987: I told him she turns 24 this weekend, so it had been that long!!

To ensure I didn't go too long without tea, I headed straight off to visit my friend Linda for her birthday!

(Yes, I changed shirts in between, due to the heat!)

Then I set off for an unexpected, but delightful addition to my trip: an invitation from Nicole to take part in her group's Movie and Dessert night and an offer of a bed overnight! She and her family made me so welcome - and I was thrilled to see the wonderfully decorated home they share, which is painted with my favourite primary colours and decked out with Ikea furniture! In fact, their home is to be featured in an upcoming Ikea family magazine and, by coincidence, Nicole and her lovely baby Quinn, were featured in the Sydney Morning Herald the day after my visit!!!

Photo from SMH article

The evening was wonderful, such a vibrant group of mums and babies - and desserts! This group take their home-baking seriously!!! I was made so welcome and it was fantastic to see the breastfeeding DVD I had heard about but not seen - Baby Baby Oh Baby which you can preview here. I am going to buy a copy for the Breastfeeding Centre as it will be great for the classes we run there and the mums who visit.

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