Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Road Trip: Day Three, Part Two

Dinner at Parliament House.
The Great Hall was fairy-lit and filled with ABA people and health professionals. It was so nice to catch up with friends at a more leisurely pace than during the frantic breaks of the conference. There was much chatter and laughter, group photos and conversation about the day. The dinner was elegant and the entertainment hysterical. We were treated to a taste of a performace called Breast Wishes, which included a theme song "Let's not talk about vaginas" and the finale required audience participation, actions included! This was not restricted to the mostly female audience, with partners and esteemed guests at the head table joining in - and leaping on stage when invited!

 I didn't take photos of the venue, but here are some from the web:

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Alannah said...

gorgeous photo of Rachel. My photo is a bit of a shocker,but lovely of Sue. The V song was v funny! cheers