Sunday, October 30, 2011

Road Trip 2011: Day Eight

I woke up from a wonderful night's sleep to a breakfast of cereal, omelettes, tea and conversation with my hostess and the other guests at Winter Rose Cottage in Bathurst. I then took some time in the beautiful garden:

Not long after, my friend Samantha came to collect me and give me the tour of Bathurst. First, a lap of the Mount Panorama racetrack, at 60km hour, a little slower than the pros a couple of weeks ago!

However, not being a petrol-head and being exposed to the racing side of the location far more than I could ever wish due to my father and then my husband being fans, I focused on the the panorama instead, which you will agree is pretty stunning.

We then headed off for tea and pastries, book shopping, the local art gallery, fossil museum and a honey farm shop/cafe and before we knew it, it was school pick up and time for me to hit the road.

Next stop: The Blue Mountains! My luck ran out just as I passed the border of Bathurst and the threatening rain finally hit. I drove up the mountains in a downpour, making the whole adventure just that little more challenging, but finally my GPS found the home of Aine and I was safe for the night in Katoomba.

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