Sunday, February 26, 2012

Loving Letters

I have already mentioned I am doing several art journaling courses online this year. I am going along nicely, up-to-date, with both Book of Days and Life Book but am deliberately behind with Letter Love.

Letter Love is a daily class across February and has only a few days left to run. As I knew I wouldn't be able to keep up daily and you get access to the videos and other course materials forever, I felt no need to rush it. The main reason, as it turns out, is access to supplies. A daily class with a lot of new materials, which you won't know you need until the day, is really hard when so many of them are hard - or impossible - to get here in Australia. So running along watching the other participants and what they use is more useful to me.

The funniest thing i am trying to track down is patterned duck tape - yes, I did ask "isn't it called duct tape?" and apparently, this is a brand of duct tape called Duck tape! Doesn't seem to have hit our shores though, where duct tape is very blokey, grey and sold in the hardware store. So still trying to work that one out.

Anyway, another tool used in the course is a Pilot Parallel Pen and I haven't sourced one of those yet, so when class participant Pippa announced a giveaway on her blog, I was up for it! One of the things I need to do to enter is share some art I have done with lettering in it, so here is one of the Letter Love assignments I have managed, which I did in a Moleskin water-colour notebook :) I only used water-colours and markers for this, which I prefer to another version I did in a visual art diary. I look forward to doing more and continuing through the course once I source a few more bits and pieces (and translate others into Aussie-speak!)

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Pippa (pjbear) said...

Love the zingy colours you've used. Thanks for stopping by the blog and sharing the link - good luck!