Sunday, February 19, 2012

Wishes DO come true! Part One

There have been two things at the top of my wish list and I can hardly believe both wishes have come true in this past few days!

On Thursday, after a long wait, a windfall of money and just a little retail stress, I brought home my longed-for Samsung Galaxy Tablet 10.1 :)

Not my image but I would love those little Androids!
I had worked out many months ago that this was the perfect Tablet for this non-Apple, Android-loving gadget-user - and then Apple sued Samsung and it wasn't allowed to be sold in Australia (or many other parts of the world!). I have been patiently waiting for the legal case to be resolved and the product to be released into the market. 

And I love it to bits and pieces! I am a Google-phile and Android functions in sync with how my brain works, so nearly everything I use on my laptop or phone has an app for the tablet, meaning it is the perfect inbetween, away from home/work option for me. I went for the 16GB 3G and wifi option, giving me access anywhere in phone service and chose a pre-paid data service with Telstra to give me control on my spend.

This would have been perfect for my road trip last year - as I kept telling myself at the time! It is my intention to store all my stuff "in the cloud" - and most of it is there already! - using services like Dropbox, Picasa and Evernote to keep my documents and photos for access. I have synced my iTunes  so I will only have my current preferred playlists in the Tablet but can easily change them when online.

Amazingly, I am impressed with the battery life, the usual hurdle to me using my tech gear as I wish! My Android HTC phone doesn't last anywhere as long as my Blackberry did and I need to be careful when I have the laptop off-site for a day, but the tablet is doing fine - I am testing it by using lots of stuff at once and it is lasting a full day. Will be great for expos and conferences!

So- that is the first wish come true - but the second is even bigger ... to be continued!

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